Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

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    Childrens teeth

    Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

    Baby teeth can make a large impact on your child’s oral health. They play a significant role in mouth development as they save space for the child’s future adult teeth.

    Taking care of your child’s teeth will help create good oral hygiene habits. It will also ensure that their jaws will become strong as they grow and that they will have a life-long healthy smile.

    Here’s some advice to care for your child’s teeth:

    1. During pregnancy be sure to get at least 1,000 mg of calcium every day. Calcium deficiency affects the development of the child’s teeth and makes them more prone to cavities.  
    2. Dental care should begin as soon as the first baby teeth appear which is around the age of one. Start brushing the child’s teeth using a child-size brush and water at least twice a day. You can start using toothpaste once your child is old enough to spit it out.  
    3. Fluoride is important to your child’s dental health as it protects and strengthens the teeth. Applying it early to your child’s teeth will provide them further protection. Some fluoride sources are fluoridated tap water, foods and drinks containing fluoride, and low-fluoride toothpaste. Once your child starts coming to our office, he or she will get regular fluoride varnish.  
    4. Make sure your child has a healthy, balanced diet containing fruit, vegetables, and low-sugar food & drinks. If he or she does eat a sugary snack, try to serve it with meals rather than between meals. Make sure teeth are brushed afterward. 
    5. When old enough, teach your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes, making sure that all tooth surfaces have been cleaned. Check for signs of early cavities once a month.


    1. Take your child for a first dental visit to our office when he or she is one year old. When teeth start to appear, your child needs to be seen for routine cleanings and checkups. Talk to our office about how often your child needs a check-up. We usually recommend every 6-12 months.


    If you are pregnant or have a new baby please contact our office at 828-631-3283 with any questions you have.