Should Your Child Drink Tap Water or Bottled Water?

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    Should Your Child Drink Tap Water or Bottled Water?

    We all know that water consumption is crucial to our overall health.  Drinking water prevents dehydration and flushes toxins out of the body.  Plus, the more water you are drinking, the less you are consuming sugary beverages that can be harmful to our health and teeth.  But did you know that your child gets more health benefits from tap water than from bottled water?  The reason is fluoride.

    Fluoride is a natural element in water sources.  Often municipalities will add supplementary fluoride to the water source. This means that when your child drinks tap water, they are also drinking in fluoride, which has proven benefits for oral health.  In fact, research has shown that simply drinking water with fluoride can reduce your risk of tooth decay by 25%.  Fluoride protects teeth by:

    • Preventing cavities by protecting the surface of your child’s teeth from foods and sugars.
    • Being absorbed into the teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to decay.
    • Rebuilding weakened tooth enamel, which in turn will help reverse the early stages of tooth decay.
    • Preventing the acid produced by plaque bacteria from softening the tooth enamel.

    February in National Children’s Dental Health Month and this year’s slogan is, “Choose Tap Water for a Sparkling Smile.” It’s important that children be taught the fundamentals of oral care.  Nothing can take the place of a healthy oral hygiene routine that includes regular brushing and flossing.  However, when helping our children develop smiles that will last a lifetime, it is important they learn simple habits that can be incorporated into their daily lives.

    If you have any questions about fluoride or would like to bring your child in for a visit, please contact us at or call 828-631-3283.

    David McGuire, DDS