Oral Health for Smokers

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    Smoking affects your oral health

    Oral Health for Smokers

    It is well known that smoking and other forms of tobacco use are bad for your health.  However, cigarettes and tobacco products take a toll on your teeth, gums and mouth and in time lead to serious dental issues as well.

    How Smoking and Tobacco Products Impact Oral Health

    • Bad breath and tooth Discoloration
    • Increased plaque and tar build-up
    • Higher risk of periodontal disease
    • Damage to tooth enamel making you more vulnerable to cavities
    • Gum irritation and receding
    • Slower healing process after dental procedures
    • Increased Risk of Oral Cancer

    Oral Cancer

    The most serious risk of smoking and tobacco use to your mouth is oral cancer.  If you smoke and/or use tobacco products it is important to be aware of the warning signs.  Oral cancer includes cancers of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses and throat.

    Symptoms of Oral Cancer

    • Unexplained bleeding in the mouth
    • Numbness or tenderness on the face, mouth or neck
    • The feeling of something being caught in the back of your throat
    • Difficulty chewing and swallowing
    • Difficulty speaking or moving the jaw and tongue
    • Chronically sore throat or unexplained vocal changes
    • An unexpected change in the way your dentures fit

    Checking for signs of oral cancer is part of your regular dental check-up.  Because of the increased risk of cancers for smokers, it is vital that you maintain regular appointments so we can help keep watch for signs of serious conditions.

    Take Care of Your Oral Health Needs

    If you are a smoker or regular user of tobacco products, it’s never too late to make a change.  We understand that quitting these habits might be challenging, however the benefits of doing so are well worth the effort.

    Contact Dr. David McGuire at (828) 631-3283 or book an appointment online today! If you need cancer screening we can take care of this at your next appointment.