Oral Health Month 

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    Oral Health Month

    Oral Health Month 

    In the United States, the upcoming month of June is Oral Health Month and it serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth.

    Understanding the importance of oral health is the key to a beautiful, healthy smile. Even better, taking care of your oral health will positively affect your overall health and lifestyle.

    It’s Important to review your current habits and perhaps consider some new ones.

    Here are some tips to improve your oral health: 

    • Take care of your oral hygiene:

    Maintaining good dental hygiene is very important to prevent many problems. Not taking care of your oral health can result in bleeding or tender gums, bad breath, sores and so much more.

    Research also shows that everything that happens in your mouth affects your whole body. Not taking care of your oral health can negatively affect your health, lifestyle, and even your social life.

    • Keep your mouth clean

    Brushing at least twice a day is mandatory to maintain your oral health as it will help to get rid of bacteria and food particles. Be sure to add mouthwash to your routine as well to help prevent cavities and get rid of bad breath.

    And don’t forget to floss! It’s vitally important because it reaches the inaccessible areas between your teeth.

    • Reduce your sugar intake

    Sugar is one of the main causes of dental cavities. Consumption of a lot of sugary and acidic food or drinks can damage your teeth and make them soft and sensitive.

    • Visit us on a regular basis

    Regular visits to our office will help you to maintain a clean and healthy smile. We will work with you to prevent cavities that can lead to infections, detect early problems, or stop minor issues from worsening.

    • Avoid smoking

    Smoking causes many problems not only for your overall health but also for your dental health. It may cause many dental problems such as gum disease, teeth loss, and mouth cancers. Please consider quitting smoking if you are a tobacco user.

    • Check for early signs of oral cancer

    Some oral cancers are hard to spot, so it’s important that you don’t miss your appointments with us. During your regular checkups, we will look for any abnormalities in your mouth that could be a sign of oral cancer, such as cuts, sores, bleeding gums, and swollen lymph nodes.

    Don’t hesitate to contact our office at 828.631.3283 if you are concerned about anything regarding your teeth, mouth, or tongue. You can also request an appointment online.

    David S. McGuire, DDS