Nutritious Eating to Promote Oral Health

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    Nutritious Eating to Promote Oral Health

    As we begin to prepare for back to school, it’s time to start thinking about healthy lunches for our little ones.  When life gets busy it can be tempting to reach for convenient processed foods that lack nutritional value.  But healthy meals and snacks are good not just for our bodies, but for our teeth as well.  We’ve put together a list of healthy lunch and snack foods that are great for both young and old.  As the summer winds down and you prepare for life to get hectic again, keep these ideas in mind to keep happy and healthy.

    Apples & Pears

    • Easy to toss in a lunch bag or bring for a snack
    • Satisfies a sweet craving
    • High in water content which dilutes the effects of sugar
    • Help stimulate saliva production
    • Promote oral health


    • Healthy alternative to sugary juices and soft drinks
    • Contains calcium, phosphorus and casein proteins which form a protective film on your enamel, reducing decay
    • Can help lower acid levels in your mouth


    • Important for general health and wellness
    • Helps wash away cavity causing food debris
    • Helps maintain healthy saliva levels

    Cheeses & Nuts

    • Healthy, filling snack
    • Contain calcium and phosphorus which help re-mineralize teeth by strengthening the tooth’s enamel
    • Satisfying alternative to unhealthy salty items like potato chips

    Carrots & Broccoli

    • Vegetables are a healthy and important addition to any meal
    • Contain vital vitamins and nutrients that promote oral and general health
    • Crunchy vegetables help clean teeth by breaking apart plaque build-up
    • Rich in keratins which prevent dental decay

    Incorporating healthy options into our daily eating habits encourage a healthy lifestyle that promotes both physical and oral health. When planning for the kids, or preparing your own meals, it’s never too late to start making better choices.  Healthy foods, in conjunction with brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits will keep your smile shining bright.

    We would love to be part of your dental care plan. If you are in need of a caring, attentive dentist please do not hesitate to contact me, Dr. McGuire, at (828) 631-3283 or visit our website.



    Dr. David McGuire, DDS