Expiring Dental Benefits in 2020

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    Expiring Dental Benefits in 2020

    Understanding when your dental insurance plan renews is very important, especially when considering expiring and unused benefits.

    If your plan is like the majority of insured Americans, you may be at risk of losing benefits you have not used (but already paid for) by the end of the year. When you don’t use all of the benefits provided by your plan, the money usually goes back to the

    insurance company.

    Ask Yourself:

    • Have you used some of your benefits already this year? If so, chances are you already paid your annual deductible. Putting off treatment until next year means you will pay for the deductible again, creating more out-of-pocket expenses.
    • Does your employer sponsor your dental plan? When your company controls the benefits available to you each year, you may find yourself with less coverage in 2021. When a business is looking to cut expenses, dental insurance benefits are often on the chopping block.
    • Do you have 2 cleanings per calendar year? If your plan allows for 2 cleanings per year and it’s not required to space them 6 months apart, be sure you get both cleanings! Since we were closed for a couple of months, some patients had their first cleaning this year pushed back, but you can still have one more, even if it’s not six months apart should your plan allow for it.
    • How much benefit do you have remaining in 2020? We can tell you the amount of benefits you’ve used in our office this year, but we may not have a complete picture. If you’ve used your benefits at a dental specialist’s office or other general dentist we will not have complete information, we suggest you contact your insurance carrier to identify the exact amount of benefits still available.


    Our team is happy to create a plan that helps you get the treatment you need while taking full advantage of your insurance at the same time.

    Connect with us online or call our office at (828) 631-3283 if we can assist you in any way.