Diabetics and Your Oral Care

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    Diabetics and Your Oral Care

    Most people know that living with diabetes requires special attention to your health, but did you know this includes special attention to your oral health as well?  In fact, people with diabetes are two times more likely to develop gum disease and other oral health concerns.

    The first step to maintaining your oral health is a good oral hygiene routine, this includes:

    • Daily brushing and flossing
    • Regular dental check-ups
    • Controlling your blood glucose levels

    People with Diabetes are more prone to some oral health concerns such as:

    • Tooth Decay – diabetics often suffer from dry mouth and decreased saliva production leading to an increase in the growth of bacteria. Bacteria coating the teeth can create plaque, which may lead to cavities.
    • Early Gum Disease – those with diabetes have a higher risk of early gum disease because they are more susceptible to infection. When plaque develops and isn’t removed promptly, it becomes tartar.  Tartar irritates the gum lines and causes gingivitis.  When this happens your gums become inflamed and bleed more easily.  Those with diabetes are more susceptible to gingivitis because they have a lower resistance to infection.
    • Periodontitiswhen left untreated gingivitis will spread from the gums to the soft tissue and bone structure of your teeth, this condition is called periodontitis. In addition to tooth loss and increased risk of stroke or heart attack, periodontitis can make it harder to keep your diabetes under control.

    Because of the increased risk for oral health problems, it is important to be aware of warning signs for these conditions.  Check your mouth regularly and if you have any concerns contact Dr. David McGuire at (828) 631-3283 or book an appointment online today! If you are diabetic your dental care needs to be a part of your regular health priorities.