COVID-19 Closure

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    COVID-19 Closure

    Dear Patients,


    We certainly are in unprecedented times.  Although delaying your dental visit is something we always caution against, COVID-19 has left us with no choice but to move routine and non-emergency appointments to a later time.


    Your health and safety, and that of your family, is the top priority.  Please remember to take care of yourself and others by wearing a mask or other covering in public when you cannot adhere to social distancing guidelines.


    Because visiting our office for routine cleanings is not possible at this time, it’s more important than ever to maintain a healthy oral care regimen at home. Don’t forget to brush and floss regularly. If you do experience minor sensitivity, try a toothpaste made specifically for sensitive teeth.


    We are still open for emergencies, so if you are experiencing serious discomfort or swelling, please contact our office immediately at (828)631-3283 for further instructions or visit us online.


    On behalf of our entire team, we are looking forward to caring for you again soon!