Communicating Your Oral Health

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    Communicating Your Oral Health

    Communication is probably the most important quality of any relationship. Here at David McGuire, DDS, a good relationship with our patients is very important to us. We make sure that your preventative care, treatment, and procedures are thoroughly explained, so you know exactly what to expect.

    On the other hand, what our patients share with us has a great affect on the success of their visit. The more we are aware of your exact concerns, symptoms, or even anxiety, the better we can make you happy.



    What to Tell Your Dentist

    About Your Teeth:

    We can always check for any oral health issues, but you know yourself better than we do. Making us aware of things you have noticed will help even more. Always let us know if:

    • You have noticed any type of changes with your mouth or teeth
    • You are experiencing any sensitivity or pain, even if it’s in specific areas of the mouth
    • You suspect you might have a cavity
    • You have noticed any lumps or bumps in your mouth
    • You have ongoing or recurring sores in your mouth
    • You have any questions or concerns about your teeth


    About Your General Health:

    Your overall health can significantly impact your oral health. Certain health factors may increase your risk of oral health issues, or impact the treatment approaches we choose. The more we know, the better we can serve your oral health needs. Let us know if:

    • You have started or stopped taking a medication
    • You’ve had changes in a medication or dosage
    • You’ve been diagnosed with any conditions or diseases
    • You’ve been experiencing any health issues or concerns, even if you haven’t been formally diagnosed
    • You are pregnant


    About Your Feelings:

    For some people a dentist chair is a scary place to be, and we totally understand that. At David McGuire, DDS, you don’t have to be shy or embarrassed about your feelings at all. We will do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Please let us know if:

    • You’ve had any bad experiences with a dentist in the past
    • You have anxieties or fears about your visit
    • You have any phobias
    • Your stress levels are high, either in general or due to your visit



    What You Can Expect from Us

    Remember that making you happy is our priority, and we appreciate all that you share with us. We assure you that we treat all your information privately and personally, and we will:

    • Keep all medical information, as well as personal, strictly confidential
    • Answer all questions and discuss any concerns
    • Discuss all your treatment options
    • Communicate with you what is happening before, during and after a procedure
    • Provide valuable information regarding prevention, risks, recover, etc.
    • Prescribe medication when deemed necessary
    • Help calm your nerves and discuss alternative approaches if needed



    At David McGuire, DDS, we will do our best to provide you the most relaxing and fun experience as possible. We hope to develop and maintain a positive relationship with you, where you are more than comfortable to share the necessary information to get comprehensive care. Together, we will keep your smile shining bright.