Are Your Benefits Expiring?

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    Are Your Benefits Expiring?

    If you’re covered under a dental insurance plan, there are a few things to be aware of as 2018 draws to an end.  Most plans follow the calendar year, so being aware of your insurance benefits is more important now than ever.


    6 Reasons to Visit Us Before the End of the Year


    1. Expiring benefits – Your insurance company only provides a certain amount of coverage each year. If you have a plan with $1000 in benefits, that’s all they will pay on your behalf, regardless of the amount of treatment you have.  If you don’t use the funds available to you, you will lose them.  The unused benefits don’t roll into 2019.
    2. Paid premiums – You’ve already paid for your insurance coverage. Spending money for benefits you don’t use is a disadvantage to you.
    3. Plan changes – If your employer sponsors your dental plan, they control the benefits available to you each year. With the rising cost of health care, some employers reduce the benefits available from one year to the next.
    4. Deductible renewals – If you’ve already used some of your insurance this year, chances are you paid your annual deductible. Putting off treatment until next year means you will pay for the deductible again, creating more out-of-pocket expenses.
    5. Proactive savings – Visiting our office for preventive care allows us to identify small problems before they become painful and likely more expensive to treat.
    6. Insurance company profits – You’ve paid the insurance company for your coverage and in return they provide reimbursement up to a certain dollar amount. When you don’t use all of the funds available to you, the money simply goes back to the insurance company.


    We can tell you the amount of 2018 dental benefits used in our office this year.  However, if you’ve used your benefits at a specialist’s office or other general dentist we will not have complete information.  We strongly suggest you contact your insurance carrier to identify the exact amount of benefits still available.  Our team is happy to create a plan that helps you get the treatment you need and take full advantage of your insurance at the same time.

    Connect with us online or call our office at 828-631-3283 if we can assist you in any way.