5 Improvements Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for Your Smile and Your Life

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    Brunette Adolescent Female Smiling with Beautiful Teeth

    5 Improvements Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for Your Smile and Your Life

    If you feel uncomfortable with your smile, narrowing down the cause of your discomfort is important. What is it about your teeth that you find unattractive? Is it because of crooked or missing teeth, discolored or gapped teeth or it is other reasons? Once you know why you shy away from smiling, you can take the next step to do something about it. That is where cosmetic dental treatment comes in.

    Cosmetic dentistry allows you to get tailored care around your specific needs. You can get aesthetic treatments that will improve the following issues:

    1. Straighten teeth – Crooked teeth can be the consequence of a wide assortment of issues, including hereditary reasons, negative behavior patterns, and tooth shift. Regardless of the reasons, crooked teeth can make a person feel self-conscious of their smile. Cosmetic dentistry can give you straight teeth right away and you can skip the long months of wearing metal in your mouth.
    2. Lengthen teeth – Short front teeth impact your smile by aging your appearance. Porcelain veneers lengthen your teeth in a durable, beautiful way. Your restorations won’t be noticeable and it will appear natural and authentic.
    3. Brighten teeth – A yellow grin doesn’t prompt a great first impression. Whitening your teeth is quick and easy and can be done in one office visit. Get it done over lunch and return to work with a brighter set of teeth!
    4. Fill gaps between teeth – Gapped teeth can be the result of shifting teeth or other dental issues. Regardless of what caused the separation in your teeth, it detracts from a perfect smile. You’ll be able to fill your gaps with dental bonding that adds tooth-colored material in the separations.
    5. Make your smile symmetrical – A symmetrical smile is a beautiful smile! There are different corrective procedures that can be utilized to make your smile more symmetrical. Some of these procedures include bonding, gum contouring, dental contouring, or restorations.

    Investing in your teeth can have a positive effect on your life in ways you might not have imagined. No longer will smiling or laughing intimidate you. Get in touch with our office today at (828)631-3283 or book an appointment online if you are ready for your best smile!