What You Drink Impacts Your Smile

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    What You Drink Impacts Your Smile

    A healthy smile starts with daily brushing and flossing accompanied by regular dental check-ups and cleanings.  But did you know that what you drink also impacts your oral health?  Some beverages can help support happy healthy teeth, while others can work against you. 

    Drinks that Promote Oral Health


    • Rinses your mouth of food debris
    • Tap water contains fluoride which reduces risk of cavities
    • Reduces the risk of dry mouth, which can increase tooth decay


    • Contains calcium and phosphates that protect tooth enamel
    • Reduces acid in the mouth, especially beneficial after eating acid forming sugary goods
    • A healthy alternative to sugary drinks

    Green and Black Tea

    • Contains polyphenols that attack harmful bacteria
    • Can help reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities
    • Is non-erosive, so it won’t encourage the demineralization that weakens enamel

    Drinks that can be Harmful to Your Teeth

    Citrus Beverages

    • Contain high acid levels that are harmful to your tooth enamel
    • Increases risk of tooth erosion
    • Often have additional sugars added


    • Stains the teeth
    • Hot beverages open the pores of your teeth making them more vulnerable to damage
    • High acidity levels increase bacteria and risk of gum disease

    Soda Pop

    • Effects of high acidity levels are multiplied by high sugar levels
    • Causes erosion of the tooth enamel

    How to Minimize the Damage of Harmful Drinks

    We recognize that most people are not going to stop consuming drinks that can be harmful for our teeth.  Drinking these harmful beverages in moderation is a great start but there are some other things you can do to reduce the potential damage they cause.  The following are some easy tips that can be incorporated into your day:

    • Drink the beverage in one sitting rather than sipping throughout the day
    • After consumption, rinse your mouth with water
    • Use a straw
    • Brush your teeth 30-60 minutes after finishing the drink

    Being aware of how beverages can help or harm your teeth will help you to make informed choices.  And although it’s unlikely that you will never drink coffee again, knowing how to mitigate the risks and to make better choices will help keep your mouth healthy.  If you have more questions about maintaining a healthy smile, contact us. We’d be happy to arrange an appointment to discuss all your oral health needs.